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Edcite is an online learning application founded

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    User Experience Design

Edcite is an online learning application founded to allow teachers to find, create, modify, share and use class assignments. Rather than having to create classroom materials from scratch, Edcite is building a sharable and reusable library to make teachers’ workloads lighter and classroom exercises more interactive, fun and effective.

Edcite had already built an initial application, but it was fraught with usability problems. To first understand existing issues with the application, Cloudforest Design engaged in a heuristic evaluation exercise with Edcite stakeholders to define, weight and rank existing issues. This process allowed us to carefully target where to focus our efforts in the subsequent design phase of the project. Seven Edcite staff members and two Cloudforest designers participated in the heuristic study, and we create a summary report for all participants at the end of this exercise.


The next project phase involved identifying key user requirements, and drawing up user to flow diagrams to identify the players and steps for accomplishing crucial tasks in the application.


Finally, we moved on to the fun part, designing the screens to match the flows identified in the previous step.


To conclude this project, Cloudforest Design produced a detailed style guide for implementation and development of the application.