Deloitte DSnap
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Deloitte DSnap

Deloitte built an innovative reverse bidding marketplace

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    User Experience Design

Deloitte built an innovative reverse bidding marketplace for merchant rewards programs and engaged Cloudforest Design to design the user interface and user experience. This project involved refining use cases, interface design, visual design, taxonomy definition and design management to create a simple and usable solution to a very complex e-commerce conundrum.

Of the multitude of data available, one of the key challenges of this project was winnowing down the myriad possibilities to the ideal set of information and actions to show on the home page without overwhelming the users.


Another highlight of the value Cloudforest Design brought to this project was raising the issue of a new user experience and creating a set of introductory screens to ease new merchants into the system and provide them with immediate results.


The single aspect of this project that received the most attention was the process allow merchants to enter bids. Of the dozens of possible fields and criteria for this screen, the team winnowed down options to a clean and informative one page form.


The other major challenge of this project was creating the ability to browse and search thousands of items from a single data table, while allowing the surfacing of secondary item information.


At the end of this three month engagement, Cloudforest Design provided Deloitte with all of the templates, UI guidelines and graphical elements necessary to build a fully functional application.