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CollabNet has a long history of creating tools in open source and commercial environments, such as the open source project Subversion, a widely used version control system. Their newest project CloudForge, is a cloud-based service for managing projects. CloudForge hosts and integrates version control and agile tools, and is able to integrate with man existing tools and workflows. The service also offers backups and high uptime so that team leaders and members can focus on the project, not the upkeep of the tools.


Cloudforest worked with CollabNet to examine the project and offer recommendations for improvements based on user experience practices. Cloudforest was able to identify different roles of the users of the CloudForge system, and streamline the experience for these users so they could accomplish their desired tasks more quickly and intuitively.

App center for Cloudforge



Cloudforest collaborated with CollabNet to produce the following deliverables as part of the process of creating a truly user centered and highly usable application.

Persona and User story

The persona for Satya Palini, a Domain Admin, is one of the user personas for a customer that would benefit from using the Cloudforge system. By defining and humanizing the different types of users that would use the Cloudforge tool, we were able to improve the product by tailoring to the expectations and needs of the users.

Once our Domain Admin persona was clearly defined, Cloudforest worked with our CollabNet partners to define a clear set of user stories. These user stories informed the project with a clear sense of what tasks needed to be completed by users as well as the priority of those tasks.

Domain admin persona – Satya Palani

Domain admin role details



Our main task for Collabnet was creating high-fidelity wireframes to show how the application users will complete their tasks. Cloudforest produced and then iterated on these wireframes as the key artifact that united the team vision with design and development efforts.

Dashboard wireframe for Cloudforge


Profile wireframe for Cloudforge

Project activity report wireframe



To unify the look of the graphical user interface, Cloudforest produced a GUI kit, which is a re-usable collection of user interface elements to be used throughout the product. By unifying the look of the product, it gave the product a refined look as well as a common language for interface elements which makes the product easier for a user to learn and master.

GUI Toolkit