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Collaaj is a new startup and cloud

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    User Experience Design

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Collaaj is a new startup and cloud based service that provides easy video creation and screen capture tools. Collaaj enables businesses and individuals to easily create work related videos, which include drawings, documents, screenshots and camera photos. Collaaj videos can be securely shared with a simple URL, organized into a channel for team collaboration, or posted to corporate social networks.

Collaaj contacted us in the summer of 2012 to help redesign their initial product release. They already had a product in development, but needed help to make it usable, beautiful and intuitive to use. We worked with them over the course of several months to design interfaces and visual design for Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad. Their product is now successfully released and can be installed for free.


We started this project by designed wireframes for the iPhone. Since the phone is the smallest interface, in ways it is also the most difficult to design.

Collaaj-iPhoneStart  Collaaj-sound Collaaj-upload


Next we designed the interface for the desktop version of the app. Designing for the desktop, of course, brought into play the full functionality of using a mouse, keyboard as well as access to the computer’s videocam and microphone.

Collaaj-desktop-start Collaaj-desktop2


The tablet version of the app introduced some exciting new features with relatively complex interactivity, include the ability to add whiteboards and sketches to recordings.


Visual Design

Finally, we designed a simple yet elegant visual design system and GUI kit to provide a cohesive look and feel across all platforms.


Collaaj is currently available in the app store for free download.