11 Dec 2010

Book Review: Thoughts on Interaction Design

Most books on designs tend to be

11 Dec 2010

Most books on designs tend to be focused on how to do stuff, what to make, and what deliverables should be. I have read a lot of excellent practical books along these lines.

Jon Kolko’s Thoughts on Interaction Design takes a very different and quite enjoyable approach. This is a book explicitly for Thinkers, not Makers.¬†It is a book about semiotics and phenomenology; the meaning of language and the creation of desire. Kolko and his co-writers take a step back to think deeply about why we design, and what design can and should be.

This book also tackles the difficult and mostly unexplored questions of what is design, and how does it fit in the world of technology and software development. If design is ultimately about people, how does it work in an engineering process? The writers strongly encourage designers to embrace their roles as problem solvers, master communicators and thought leaders.

Reading this book ultimately renewed my sense that design is about more than making meaningly tasks slightly easier to perform or convincing consumers to buy more crap. At its very best, Design is about making the world a better place.

4.5 stars

Best read over a glass of wine in a contemplative state
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